Private and Group Lessons in Piano, Strings, Ukulele, Composition, and Accompaniment with Logan Castro, MM

Hone your skills, try something new, or ignite a passion for music.  Students from toddlers to adults, beginners to advanced will discover, learn, and grow with Logan Castro MM

Private Lessons - Piano, Strings, Ukulele

30, 45, 60 minutes

Beginner to Advanced

Experience individualized training in the instrument of your choice.  With over 10 years of teaching experience Master of Music, Logan Castro utilizes a multitude of techniques to ensure the student comes to the music through skills all ready developed, whether that be music, movement, or language.

Logan is skilled at teaching Piano to students from Beginner to Advanced, Cello Beginner to Advanced, other strings Beginner to Intermediate, Ukulele Beginner to Intermediate.

Intro To Music

30 Minute Private Lesson

Ages 3-5

Young children connect to music differently than older children or adults.  Take advantage of this opportunity and enroll your toddler in a private lessons where they can develop their ear and rhythm skills and be introduced to the piano.  Students and parents will sing, stomp, clap, and shake to new and familiar melodies and learn to play basic tunes on the keyboard for skill acquisition and inspiration.

My First Music Lesson

Now taking sign-ups

Anticipated Start Date May 1st.

Come spend your morning with us! Shake shakers, slap tambourines, stomp, clap, and sing your way into an enriched understanding of music for you and your child. Open to parents of preschoolers and their little ones; this course teaches the fundamental skills of solfege (Do-Re-Mi’s), harmony, rhythm, and narrative through the use of fun games and activities, and with real world examples by everyone’s favorite kids songs!

Ukulele Groups

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Anticipated start May 1st

Class Ukulele

Excited to start learning ukulele but unsure where to start. This class is for you! Learn all the chords, strumming patterns, tabs, and sheet music skills you’ll need to get up and start playing your favorite songs on the Uke in a fun and inclusive environment. Get together with a group of your peers and learn the gift of ensemble playing too! Open to students 7 and older.

Lunch Time Ukulele

Need a break from the manic pace of the work week? Why not spend one of your lunch breaks with us and decompress a little through the gift of music! Intended as an introductory course, learn the chords, strumming patterns, and melodies of your favorite songs from yesterday and today. Laugh and play together with a group of peers and spend a little bit of your talent on yourself instead of your boss for a change! Open to adults only.

Music Composition Mentoring and Classes

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Intro to Composing

We believe not only that everyone can compose, but that they ARE composing throughout their day. Whether it is idly tapping rhythms at a desk, humming a tune that feels recognizable to you though it isn’t in any song you know, or any other time your find yourself creating sound where previously there hadn’t been. Come tap into that hidden power no matter your skill level at your instrument! Together, we will explore the myriad ways a composer might organize their new sounds from writing out notes and rhythms, to drawing pictures, or even text descriptions. In this course we will answer questions like: how many bouncy balls does it take to make a piano sound like a stampede? Does a piece of music have to make sound? When is a note more than a note, and when is it just a note? And many other zany and exciting questions with their own accompanying adventures!

Intro to Mixing

Laptops required for this course! Whether you have a competition coming up and you need a custom version of your song, your band just finished recording your first song, you are working on a film, or for any other thing that uses new recorded audio, eventually you are going to need an audio engineer! Or do you? In this easy introduction to the crazy world of audio production, learn all the terms, skills, and considerations used by the pros without having to learn the math or encumbering technology that goes with it. We will be using garage band for apple users and the free to try program REAPER for windows users. Ages 13 and up is recommended as computer literacy is an utmost requirement.

Intro to Songwriting

If you have a song in your heart but can’t seem to get it down, then this class is what you need. Learn the all the parts of song writing from lyric writing, harmony, style, recording scratch takes, and even how to mix a demo cd to take to recording studios in this interactive masterclass. Open to songwriters of all ages.

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