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Ballet is the base of all western dance techniques; therefore it forms the cornerstone of the Movement Arts Center’s programs. Conservatory classes follow an age and ability specific curriculum which centers on physical health and structured skill development.  In addition to core classes in ballet, dancers within the conservatory program will receive instruction in Modern Dance Technique, Contemporary Repertoire, Enrichment Techniques such as Lyrical, Jazz, Hip-Hop and more.  Unique to the Movement Arts Conservatory is the ability to utilize our in-house musician and Physical Therapist for further study in Music Theory and Anatomy.

Ballet Technique

The basis for western dance forms.  Characterized by grace, poise, strength, and elegance.  We follow the American Ballet Theatre's National Training Curriculum in all our classes which is known for its age appropriate and healthy approach.

Modern & Contemporary

Explore concepts of weight, spinal movement, contraction, and floor work in Modern Technique classes with live accompaniment.  Contemporary Repertoire takes it to the next level with combinations exploring vulnerability, performance, and personal experience.



Today's dance world  requires dancers who are versatile, comfortable learning trying new things, and able to contribute to the creative process.  Enrichment Techniques includes Jazz, Lyrical, and Hip-Hop classes as well as various opportunities to work with guest instructors in a multitude of styles.

Music & Dance Theory & Appreciation

Music and dance go hand-in-hand, and understanding its nuances and structure help build well rounded artists.  In addition, dance terminology, didactics, and appreciation prepare students for future careers as dancers, teachers, and creators.

Pre-Conservatory Classes and Conservatory Classes

Pre-Primary Ballet

Approx age: 2.5 - 4 years. 45 minutes. Offered 2x/week

The basic concepts of the Pre-Primary class are to develop a love of movement and exploration of space for boys and girls through the lens of ballet.Students will learn proper posture, movement fundamentals and be introduced to the seven movements through which all dance is derived.

Primary Ballet

Approximate age 5-7.  One hour.  Offered 3x/week.

Designed to build a solid foundation from which future development, both as a dancer and individual can emerge, the overarching principles of the primary level are to learn proper ballet class etiquette, positioning of the body, musicality and coordination.

Level 1 Ballet

Approximate ages 6-9. One Hour. Offered 3x/week.

Dancers are introduced to barre work with more emphasis placed on turn-out and position of the arms. Level 1 classes resemble and follow the historical and physically effective format of a traditional ballet class from barre exercises to center where movement through space becomes more codified and structured.


Note: Placement into Level 1 is determined by placement audition, director selection and/or trial class. 

Boys Ballet

Approximate ages 6-10.  Offered 1 time a week, may be taken in conjunction with Conservatory Level 2

Come dance and train in a class just for boys.  Ballet is athletic, teaches body and spatial awareness, footwork, and flexibility.  Taught by a male teacher and in a private room, boys are sure to feel comfortable, welcomed, and strong.

Movement Arts Conservatory - Level 2

Approximate age 8-10.  Includes two 1 hour 15 minute ballet classes, 1 hour Modern Technique, and 1 hour Enrichment Techniques

Participants in Level 2 must participate in all classes.  Placement is by invitation or audition only.

Bridging the gap between the play of Level 1 and the rigor of Level 3, Level 2 is geared for the young serious ballet student, between age 8-10. Class follows the typical order of exercises with the goal being to prepare students for further advanced study within the Movement Arts Center curriculum. Level 2 is by invitation only, and is a component of the Level 2 Conservatory program.

Movement Arts Conservatory - Level 3

Approximate age 10-12.  Includes three 1-and-a-half hour ballet classes, 2 45min pointe classes, 1 Modern Technique classes, 1 Enrichment Techniques class, 1 Music & Dance Theory and Appreciation Class per week.  Total Hours: 9 per week.

Having built a solid base of technique, the focus now turns towards advancing skills with a definite eye on progression towards pointe work. Longer classes allow for more in-depth study of turns and jumps, as well as grace and fluidity as performance characteristics.  Placement in Level 3 is by invitation or audition only, dancers must enroll in full curriculum to participate.

Movement Arts Conservatory - Level 4

Approximate age 12+.  Includes four 1-and-a-half hour ballet classes, two 45minute pointe classes, 1 Contemporary Repertoire class, 1 Enrichment Techniques class, and 1 Music & Dance Theory and Appreciation, totaling 10.5 hours per week.

Level 4 dancers are advanced in maturity and technical ability, therefore allowing for greater artistry and virtuosity. Steps and combinations build in complexity, as dancers focus on speed, clarity, and maintenance of basic elements of ballet such as turn-out and foot articulation. Level 4 Ballet is part of the Movement Arts Conservatory program and is by invitation or placement audition only.

Movement Arts Conservatory - Level 5

Approximate age 12+.  Includes five 1-and-a-half hour Ballet classes, two 45min Pointe Variation classes, 1 Contemporary Repertoire class, 1 Enrichment Techniques class, 1 Music & Dance Theory and Appreciation class, totaling 12 hours of instruction per week.

At this level dancers are nearing the end of their pre-professional training. They have the strength, control, and understanding of the technique necessary to work towards increasing complexity of movement and performance. With the addition of variations, dancers work to discover and develop the artistry of ballet: integrating the physical, mental, and dramatic into a beginning mastery of the art form. Level 5 is a part of the Movement Arts Conservatory and is by invitation or placement audition only.

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