About SLO Movement Arts Center

Our mission is to inspire a lifelong interest in the performing arts, create ballet dancers of a nationally recognized caliber, and develop model young individuals by encouraging commitment, dedication and the sustained pursuit of excellence in the art of ballet. 

We are fortunate to have both experienced the benefits of a rich and varied formal ballet education that continues to permeate every aspect of our lives – from our physical and mental well-being to the way we raise our children to how we engage with our community.


We created the Movement Arts Center to foster that same lifelong appreciation among future generations of dancers and their families. Our goal is to create a retreat, a place for dancers to explore and develop – not just their technical skills, but the life skills inherent in training of an historical art form.


Our ballet classes aren’t just recreational, they’re educational. We deliver an entire age-appropriate curriculum for each phase of a dancer’s development that includes skill development, of course, but also covers the history of ballet, physical and mental conditioning, creative expression and much, much more. We instruct across all levels around different themes throughout the year, such as The Artistry of Dance, the History of Dance, and the Athleticism of Dance. And because of our unique interests and experience in both personal development and movement coaching, these concepts are also infused into our training. Each level of instruction builds upon prior learning, providing a developmental pathway for kids starting at six years old through 18.


Our primary objective is to develop a core group of advanced-level dancers, age 14 to 18, who are accepted to nationally recognized summer programs and who, upon leaving this community, are at a level that provides them with the ability to seek either employment or higher education in dance.


When you join the Movement Arts Center, you become part of a community of people who care about the arts, who appreciate top-caliber ballet instruction, and who strive to foster the development of young dancers. Our students tend to be children who exemplify the intrinsic motivation, positive well-being and discipline needed to pursue excellence in ballet.  In short: they are happy, driven kids!


While much our core programming focuses on ballet, we also offer a variety of other programming for kids and adults who want to explore new movement art forms (e.g., jazz dance, yoga) without the expectation of ongoing development.


Whether you have a son or daughter who has shown interest in dance or you want to try a new form of dance or movement yourself, we invite you to stop by or contact us.   


                                      -- Maartje and Ryan Lawrence

Our Mission


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