Beginning Jazz and Lyrical Dance Classes.  Adult Ballet and Modern Dance Near San Luis Obispo

Dance as an athletic and artistic pursuit is for everyone. Lyrical and Jazz build on technical developments in ballet.  Adult Ballet classes for beginners to professionals focus on safe, fun, and strengthening movements.  Modern Dance for the mature dancer builds balance, grace, flow, and mobility, while allowing for personal exploration and expression.

Lyrical 1

Approximate ages 5-10.  Thursdays 4:30-5:30

Let loose and express with flowing movements, graceful arms, and fun floor work while you work on flexibility, poise, and presence. Dancers who wish to be in Lyrical 1 must be enrolled and attend one Primary or Level 1 Ballet class per week, as Ballet forms the basis for this technique.

Jazz 1

Approximate Age 5-10.  Wednesdays 3:30-4:30

Flash, sizzle, and pop - Stretch, flow, and emote. Lyrical-Jazz 1 introduces and explores the steps and phrases that make up these dynamic and popular techniques. Because of their shared roots in ballet technique, dancers must be enrolled in Primary or Level 1 Ballet in order to participate.

Adult Ballet

Int/Adv, Tuesday 10:00-11:30, Friday 10:30-12:00

Beg/Int. Monday 6:00-7:00

Whether you are currently dancing or are simply looking to rekindle a connection to ballet, this class is for you. Taking into consideration the needs of the adult dancer, this mixed level class focusses on healthy technique yet remains both physically and mentally challenging. Come train, sweat, stretch and move with us.

Adult Modern 55+

Fridays 1:00-2:15pm  No Experience Needed

(Re)discover what it is to feel free in your skin, to be able to move your body through space with ease and comfort.  In this Modern dance class based on the principles of weight, suspension, and flow, dancers will gain confidence in movement and experience one of the most effective forms of exercise for your body and mind.  This class is specifically geared to the older adult population, please inform the instructor of any physical limitations or apprehensions you may have.

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