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My daughter begs to go to SLOMAC everyday!  The environment is beautiful and we are proud to be a part of the SLOMAC family.

—  Lindsey, Parent



Pre-Conservatory & Recreational Classes

Preparatory classes for those looking to discover and grow.  Focus is on the fundamentals with an emphasis on FUN.  For children 4-8 creative movement and basic ballet is used to establish classroom etiquette and a foundation for learning.  Adult and Recreational classes allow for health and artistic growth.

What makes the classes at SLOMAC different?

  • Placement based on age and ability

  • Foundational technique approached in a fun and creative manner

  • All instructors have professional experience and/or higher education degrees in dance

Pre-Conservatory, Adult, and Recreational classes Programs are for dancers age 4+.  For information on our Conservatory Programs for dedicated and experienced students, please click here



Designed to build a solid foundation from which future development both as a dancer and individual can emerge, the overarching principles of the primary level are to learn proper ballet class etiquette, positioning of the body, musicality, and coordination.


Offered 1 - 2 times per week, class is 1 hour long.


Level  One

Dancers are introduced to barre work with more emphasis placed on turn-out and position of the arms. Level 1 classes resemble and follow the historical and physically effective format of a traditional ballet class from barre exercises to center where movement through space becomes more codified and structured.

Offered 2 times per week, students interested in moving up to Level 2 should consider taking both Level 1 classes as well as Jazz 1.

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