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"The care they give their dancers to succeed is wonderful. The directors are extremely knowledgeable and the technique they teach is very strong. I would highly recommend this studio."

—  M. Shirley, Parent



The Movement  Arts Conservatory


One-of-a-kind training on the Central Coast with professional instruction in leveled programs geared to help children discover, learn, and grow.

What makes the conservatory programs at SLOMAC different?

  • Placement based on age and ability

  • Classes follow a curriculum including ballet, modern, and contemporary dance

  • All instructors have professional experience and/or higher education degrees in dance

The Conservatory Programs are for dancers age 8-18.  For information on our Pre-Conservatory and Adult and Recreational Classes please click here




Dancers are typically between the ages of 8 and 10 and have had some ballet experience.  They are eager to delve into the basics of ballet and encouraged to solidify the foundational positions and movements of the art form.  Ballet classes are supplemented with Modern Dance Technique and Contemporary Repertoire.


Students take

  •  two 1 hour and 15 minute Ballet Classes per week

  • one 1 hour Modern Technique Class

  • and have the options of adding a 1 hour Jazz Class per week

Level 2 preparing for their contribution

Level  Three

Dedicated dancers age 9-12 may be invited to join Level 3 where they will enhance their knowledge of basic ballet technique and grow their artistry and expression in Modern and Jazz/Lyrical classes.  When ready, as demonstrated through commitment, physical and mental maturity, and proprietary testing, select dancers may earn their first pair of Pointe Shoes at this level.

Students take

  • two 1.5 hour Ballet classes per week

  • one 1 hour Jazz/Lyrical class per week

  • one 1 hour Modern class per week

  • one 1 hour Pre-Pointe/Pointe class per week




For the experienced Middle or High School dancer Level 4 is the opportunity to build upon the foundational knowledge of the basics and advance skills with complexity and artistry.  Dancers enjoy a more intense training regimen with multiple Ballet classes, Pointe, Contemporary, and Jazz/Lyrical completing their week.  In addition dancers at this level are invited to audition for the Movement Arts Collective where they may gain additional performance experience.

Students take

  • four 1.5 hour Ballet classes per week

  • one 1 hour Contemporary class per week

  • one 1 hour Jazz/Lyrical class per week

  • one 1 hour  Pointe/Variation class per week




The highest level of our conservatory program is designed to complete the dancer's pre-professional training and prepare them for further study in college or at nationally recognized programs.  However, a desire for a professional pursuit of dance is not required, simply the determination to train hard and the ability to maintain technique with a steadily increasing challenge of skills and performance quality.  Level 5 dancers are proficient en Pointe and will take many of their ballet classes while wearing pointe shoes.  Additionally they receive Variations class and the usual regimen of enriching technique classes.

Students take

  • four 1.5 hour Ballet class per week

  • one 1 hour Jazz/Lyrical class per week

  • one 1 hour Contemporary class per week

  • one 1 hour minute Variations class per week

Movement Arts Conservatory FAQ

I'm only interested in some of the Conservatory classes, can I do just part of the program?

The Conservatory program is designed to be taken as a whole with each level acting as a cohort.  This is to ensure     the quality of the program, student experience, and most importantly safety.

How do I know what level my child should be in?

We use a combination of age, maturity, and ability to determine what level dancers should be placed in, with selection done on an individual basis.  If you are interested in joining the Movement Arts Center, please contact us to set up a placement class audition.

Is there a dress code?

Dancers in the conservatory program are required to wear a black leotard and pint tights for ballet class, leggings and a form fitting top for modern, and shorts or leggings and an appropriate top for Lyrical/Jazz.  Hair should be in a bun for ballet and out of the face for other classes.

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