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Dancing in the times of COVID-19 has its challenges, but the Movement Arts Center is here with a solution to keep you dancing at home or wherever you are sheltering-in-place.

SLOMAC @Home is a specially designed program for continuing one's training in an alternate environment.  Whether you are dancing in your living room, garage, or even outside, you will receive instruction that not only keeps up what you've done in the studio, but complements and enhances it.

Our professional staff has worked hard to investigate and implement what is most needed during these times of isolation, namely providing an artistic, physical, and emotional outlet to grow and express.  Special care has been taken to ensure that each dancer, regardless of their space, equipment, or flooring can participate, and parents can rest assured that maximum security precautions are being taken to keep classes private.

For more information on SLOMAC @Home's Live and Recorded class offerings read on.

Live Classes Powered by ZOOM



In addition to our live class offerings, the Movement Arts Center has a robust library of On-Demand Videos available for rental or purchase.  These specially crafted additions allow you to take a class when its convenient for you and your family.

Videos can be streamed on any device or played on some Smart TVs.  Beginning dancers may enjoy the ability to repeat instructions or take the same class multiple times in order to feel confident and get the most out of their training.

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